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Taishan Group was set up in 1978. Taishan Artificial Turf Company was set up in 2002 while artificial turf coming into Chinese market firstly. Taishan has a large and modern production base and research center in Shandong China. Our annual production capacity is 20 million Square Meters. We have marketing center in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Jinan in China while Taishan Group has oversea branches in US, Brazil, Russia and Japan. And we kept our sales in top rank globally for years. We are a professional Artificial Turf Product manufacturer in China. Taishan Artificial Turf Product Industry Company is a professional Artificial Turf Product manufacturer based in China, where we produce PE Artificial Turf Product, hockey artificial turf, PP Artificial Turf Product, and more. These Artificial Turf Products have good water permeability, wear resistance, anti-aging, and durability,and they are widely used for ground cover and decoration in homes, communities, highways and airports, and on the fields for football, golf, rugby, and more.
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A world famous professional manufacturer of artificial grass
The first FIFA licensee in China
The first FIH certified product in China
The first enterprise approved by the China General Administration of Sports
Products were sold to more than 80 countries
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The first FIFA licensee in China


World Rugby Federation Preferred supplier


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