Product features
Shape: open mesh Material: PP Grass height: 20 mm Needle pitch: 360 stitches Weaving distance: 3 / 16 inch Density: 75600 clusters Bottom: PP cloth + mesh cloth Back glue: styrene butadiene latex

Skiing is an extremely fast and exciting sport, so skiing entertainment is very popular with the masses. However, the seasonal and regional characteristics are troubled by the operators of ski resorts. In areas with high average temperature, the cost of running ski resorts all year round is extremely high. However, the use of ski turf will completely break the current situation that ski resorts depend on the weather to build and maintain ski resorts in all regions of the world, and allow tourists to enjoy skiing entertainment throughout the year. The use of ski grass will become a new feature of skiing industry.

With the successful bid of Zhangjiakou in Beijing to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Taishan lawn has invested a lot of money to build a scientific research team, develop and produce special products for artificial skiing track, which will bring another life to the skiing market. The successful development of ski grass has renovated the business model of skiing industry.

Ski grass artificial turf is suitable for common use all the year round. The mass production and installation of artificial turf are very convenient, and the turf can be kept forever within the warranty period. It has the advantages of easy installation, low maintenance cost and high safety factor. In addition, Taishan ski grass artificial lawn, with special formula, is very suitable for heavy weight pressing on the surface of ski grass and quickly restore to its original state.




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