Product features
Taishan 100% Recycle and Hybrid Artificial Grass has many more functions as following: 1 100% Recyclable means that Taishan 100% Recycle and Hybrid Grass can be reproduced into new artificial grass after years of using. 2 High Water Permeability show that Taishan 100% Recycle and Hybrid Grass can allow huge water going through within one second. It can provide best drainage for your grass land. This function can keep all kinds of surface used our 100% Recycle and Hybrid Grass dry nearly all the time. This can also be an excellent choice for pets. 3 Hybrid Grass System means that Taishan 100% Recycle and Hybrid Grass can be installed and lives friendly together with natural grass. This hybrid grass system can provide green and tidy surface all year long while help natural grass grow freely both in your yard on your fields and in the kindergarten as well as public areas

Strong water permeability

high extraction force

100% recycle and environmental

Long friendly living together for both natural and artificial grass




Sport Stadiums, back and front yard, kinder garden, public areas, etc...

How About 100% Recycle and Hybrid Artificial Grass is manufactured and developed:

NaturalGrassand artificialgrasshave been considered as two opposing units all the time.And the twokinds of grassare in a competitive market with their own advantages and disadvantages. How to unify the twograssand give full play toboth natural and artificial grass’srespective advantages has become the research and development direction of modern artificialgrass and natural grassenterprises.

Currently, there are two common ways in thegrassmarket.

One way is that:the artificialgrassenterprise produces artificialgrassproducts with special specifications. Afterartificial grass is installed,the natural grassland is paved, soiled, sowed and maintainedon top of artificial grass.Anaturalandartificial hybrid system is cultivated.

Secondway:the artificial turf enterprise provides artificial straw products with special specifications, and then the artificial grass is implanted into the siteby special machinethrough the implantable process in the natural grassland.

The introduction of artificial turf in natural grassland can effectively improve the stability of the natural grassland system and reduce the maintenance cost in thefollowingperiod.

Function:Taishan naturalandartificial hybridgrassis madefromspecial weaving technologywithartificial grassfiberandbackingsilk. The bottom fabric meshof Taishan 100% Recycle and Hybrid Grassis adjustable from 3mm to 50mm, andTaishan 100% Recycle and Hybrid Grass height is adjustable from 5 to 50mm.




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