Product features
Taishan Multi-functional Artificial Turf receives high reputations form communities, clubs, schools, and many other governing bodies for its beautiful looking and durable service life. It is about 10-25mm height, designed with good rebound and strong anti-split. As sport is becoming more important for people’s health and entertainment. more and more public money has been invested in markets such as the UK for multi-sport areas than any other sport. Multi-functional Artificial Turf enables multiple on different pitches since it is easy to draw different lines for different sports on the Artificial Turf Product in different colors. Thus, it reduces the expense on the sports clubs and associations. For example, tennis combines with hockey or football in most council owned field helps make a healthier and happier local community.

1.For after-sale service. Taishan offers an average 8-12 years life w1. For after-sale service. Taishan offers an average 8-12 years life warranty.

2. BothMonofilament and Fibrillated yam are available fiber.

3. Various colors like dark green, olive, green, red, yellow and so on are optional.

TS MUITI-FUNCTIONAL GRASS Product specifications
Fiber: PP/PE fibrillated
Color: green/blue/red/white/yellow
Pile Height: 10-25mm
Backing: Latex
Warranty: 8-10 years




Belgorod, Russia

South Korea

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